The last 13 years of initiating and managing projects for all kinds of clients - small businesses, corporate organisations and those in-between - has taught me a lot about good and bad business.

One of the things that I do well is finding more efficient ways of doing things, and identifying what those things are.

Another thing that I do well is understanding people and how they feel - which is the driving force behind how we show up in our lives and work. It's that same force - emotion - which also determines our decision making when buying a product or engaging with a service.

Find clarity on:

  • Pitching or proposing for new business.
  • Hours (and ultimately days / weeks) of time that are being lost on repetitive tasks that could be automated.
  • Customer service issues i.e. insufficient or slow support, lack of online presence.
  • Client or customer onboarding.
  • Products or services that are undervalued.
  • Ideas for new products or services.
  • Discord between employees / team members.


Initial (45 minutes)
By the hour
By the day